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By   August 15, 2019

The Bank of Spain said last week in its 2018 annual report that it was “premature” to say that the rise in the minimum wage of 22.3%, to 900 euros, approved for this year was not having an impact on employment, since they have “very little aggregate data”, and insisted on the convenience of linking wage increases to increased productivity. However, a first analysis of the agency, published in February, pointed out that the measure of raising the SMI to 900 euros could mean the destruction of 125,000 jobs, equivalent to 0.8% of the 16 million full-time employed in the labor market Women Size Chart and Alibaba have taken a new step in their alliance by reaching an agreement that will allow the group’s international expansion in destinations such as Russia and Central European countries and will promote ‘online sales’ in these markets. Thus, six new brands of El Corte Inglés will be marketed through AliExpress, as both companies have reported in a joint statement.


Women Size Chart

Specifically, Easy Wear, Young Formula and Green Coast, signatures for young people; Free Style, brand of children’s clothing; and Boomerang and Mountain Pro, of sporting goods, now join Unit, the fashion brand for the whole family, with which the sales agreement was launched through the Chinese marketplace. Unit has acquired great popularity among the youngest clients, as they have highlighted, becoming one of the preferred brands of AliExpress users in Spain. The seven firms of El Corte Inglés expand the range of Spanish brands offered by AliExpress. All of them are sent from the logistics centers of the Spanish distribution group, in order to take advantage of its extensive geographic network and its positioning in the Spanish market.

Women Sizes Chart


Likewise, customers can enjoy the same advantages offered by physical stores in terms of changes and refunds. As part of the cooperation agreement, Women Size Chart will make its global electronic commerce network available to El Corte Inglés in order to reach destinations such as Russia and central European countries, such as Poland, over the coming months. All this, with the aim of promoting the expansion of the Spanish company in the international market. Within the framework of the sealed collaboration between the Spanish Group and the Alibaba Group at the end of 2018, AliExpress and its network of partners provide El Corte Inglés with consulting services in order to strengthen the infrastructure for e-commerce operations, as well as, technological support to boost the growth of the online store.

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