UF Spring 2018 Calendar

By   March 23, 2018

The Florida Gators went Thursday to the driving range for another jumping exercise before their spring race in UF Spring 2018 Calendar. The Gators are still making the transition in the field to new coach Dan Mullen and his high octane offensive. Florida shared some practice clips on Thursday evening at night using the team’s Instagram account with individual practice exercises, as well as 11-a-11. Jones is not acting so fast that he was the center of UF’s first recruitment class by coach Dan Mullen. But Jones, who enrolled in January instead of finishing his final year in high school in Georgia, has shown the balance and confidence to juggle so many moving parts. “He is a high school kid who does well and collects a bit, he did not panic,” said UF attacking coordinator John Hevesy on Tuesday. “You see him there trying to do his lectures, trying to do things, everything is a bit slower than it is for the two older boys who have existed.


UF Spring 2018 Calendar

The way Jones will continue to make progress is the key to challenging the second-year students of Red Shirts Feleipe Franks and Kyle Trask for the next season’s playing time. After the third of the team’s 15 spring practices, Hevesy said the coaches will be able to read better from next week what the UF quarterbacks really can handle.

UF Spring 2018 Calendar UF Spring 2018 Calendar UF Spring 2018 Calendar UF Spring 2018 Calendar

“The first five days are a bit hectic for everyone,” says Hevesy, who also coaches the team’s offensive line. “The practices from 7 to 15 is actually where you begin to look at what each child processes, can they process the information that is offered to them, the basis, the technique and such?”


“I expect him to play now,” said offensive coordinator Billy Gonzales, who also trains the receivers. “One-on-one, being confronted, is running in the defense means a little more, it has a bit more experience.” Whether Jefferson is available this season remains to be seen. But he could immediately qualify if the NCAA granted him an exemption because of the sanctions against Ole Miss.

UF Spring 2018 Calendar UF Spring 2018 Calendar

Gonzales also said that the explosiveness of sophomore Kadarius Toney, the work ethic of the young Freddie Swain and physical transfer tools Ohio State Trevon Grimes have excelled among the recipients of the team.

UF Spring 2018 Calendar

However UF Spring 2018 Calendar, Grimes, 6 foot 5 pounds and 214 pounds, is expected to stay away under the NCAA transfer rules next season.”Tre learns to play like a big child,” Gonzales said. “He is big and strong.If you can learn to play and in accordance with your hands, it will surely be a man who can help us.”

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