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Free 6+ Payment Reminder Letters Templates PDF

A Payment Reminder Letters for payment of money is an important document type sent to your customers not paying the money. It is the official letter issued by the officers or head of the company for the people who hasn’t paid the money they have to do earlier. These letters should be polite but professional. … Continue reading »

Free 6+ Printable Manager Marketing Letter Templates Business PDF

The letters are the most convenient way to promote and sale your product. These are known as marketing letters sent to consumers or companies. The main purpose of writing Marketing Letter Templates is selling the products. If you are not good in writing these letters then use the templates for this purpose.   Marketing Letter… Continue reading »

Free 7+ Printable Medical Leave Letter Templates PDF

Are you taking leave from work? Want to write an effective leave letter? Then you must use the leave letter templates. Leave Letter Templates are the most useful thing you will ever get for writing a letter. Edit these templates, print or save in device and send to your boss. Remember how you used to… Continue reading »

Free 6+ Printable Formal 30 Day Notice Letter Template PDF Word

A 30 Day Notice Letter Template is generally offered by the landlord if he wants the renter to empty the space or by renter if he is going to shift from the house. This is a mandatory step for the termination of the agreement. The letter is given to the renter for informing him to vacate… Continue reading »

Free 6+ Collection Letter Sample In Business Communication

Thinking of Collection Letter Sample. Debt collection is one of the most difficult jobs one could ever have. Debt is given to the creditors by the debtor for any kind of personal or professional use. Both the parties agree on a date by the end of which the debtor will pay the fund. But in many… Continue reading »

Free 5+ Rebuttal Letter Templates PDF

Rebuttal Letter Templates are written for denial of the accusation imposed by the employers. These letters must be professional and formal to explain their position. The employee must control his/her emotions and should write the letter calmly. The main reason for writing these kinds of letters is accusation of violation of company policy, poor performance… Continue reading »