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By   April 3, 2018

The ” Report Card Template ” help is used to create new reports and customize the appearance of the available reports. In the left part of the directory there is a tree in which the types of program elements (posts, departments, processes, etc.) are displayed and the templates by which the program generates reports. Most of the report templates are assigned to the corresponding element, for example, “job description” for the post, “process regulation” – for the process, etc. Such reports are automatically transferred to the card on the corresponding element, after which they are fixed, in the tab “Reports”. Sometimes it becomes necessary to generate a report that can not be uniquely tied to any element of the program, for example, the ISO 9001 Quality Manual. Such reports are located in the tree under the name “Without binding”.


Report Card Template

Note that some of the report templates in the tree have a lock icon. These are standard templates that are not transferred to item cards and can not be edited. But you can convert such a template into a regular format by clicking the “Convert to Template” button. If you select a template in the tree, you will be able to edit it in the report templates editor using the “Edit template” button at the bottom of the directory.

Report Card Template

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Printable Report Card Template Excel

You can generate reports both from the card to the element, and from this directory using the “View” button. At the same time, you can select several elements at once to generate reports and save the received documents to the specified folder. The template card allows you to create a new report template or change the parameters of an existing template. In the “Object” field, specify which type of program elements this template belongs to. After saving the template, the object can not be changed. When the object is changed, the list of elements to which the template applies is reset.

printable report card template excel

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School Report Card Design Template PDF

In the Status field, you can specify the status of the current template. Unapproved templates are not visible from the cards to the relevant elements (for example, an unapproved job description will not be visible in the card for the post, access to it can be obtained only from the template tree of reports). The “Template” field displays the content of the report template. When you create a new template, the content will be blank. To edit the template, click the “Open” button next to the template.

school report card design template pdf

Homeschool Report Card Template Word

The “Preview” button allows you to generate reports for this template on the selected items. For each report template, you must specify a list of the items to which it is distributed. You can do this in the “Distribution” tab. Usually, it is enough to specify that the template should apply to all elements of the appropriate type (all posts, all processes, etc.). But if necessary, you can restrict the distribution of the template to only the selected elements. For example, you can specify different job description templates for different departments or different process control templates for different categories.

homeschool report card template Word

High School Report Card Template

In the left part of the window there are variables that you can use to generate the content of the report, and on the right – a text editor with which you can change the design of the report. The variable tree contains only those variables that are relevant for this type of report, that is, the variables that are used in the post report will differ from the variables that are used to generate the report for the process. For easier navigation, variables are grouped by category.

high school report card template

Kindergarten Report Card Template

To insert a variable into the contents of the report, you need to drag it to the right part of the window (Drag and Drop). Or you can just click on the variable twice with the left mouse button, and it will be inserted in the place where the carriage is installed. The names of variables in the text are highlighted on the sides with special symbols “%”, that is, the variable in the text looks like this:% Variable%. You can enter variable names manually or copy them from other parts of the document via the clipboard. If you make a mistake in the name of the variable, it will not be processed and its contents will not be inserted into the report.

kindergarten report card template

Blank Report Card Template Homeschool

Some variables have their own content settings. For example, if you add to the report the variable “Executive functions that this job performs in approved processes”, a window opens with the settings of the columns of the function table that will be transferred to the report.

blank report card template homeschool

In the report editor, this variable will have the following syntax:% Variable% [code], for example,% PostExecutiveFunctionsApprovedProcessesTable. The code contained in parentheses stores information about which columns to display in the table. The program inserts this code automatically, and we do not recommend changing it manually. The editor also allows you to insert variables in the report content that are not directly related to the object of this report. For example Report Card Template, in a post report you can insert processes or documents that have nothing to do with this post. To do this, you must use the variables

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