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Only nine more countries are outnumbering Spain: Luxembourg (2,071, 10 euros per month, the largest SMI in the European Union), Ireland (1656.20 euros per month), the Netherlands (1,615 euros per month), Belgium (1,593.81 euros per month) ), Germany (1,557 euros), France (1,521.22 euros), the United Kingdom (1,453.28 euros) and the United States (1,097.53 euros). Behind… Continue reading »

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The case began in the Almeria company Acrena, where the CSIF union filed a complaint because the packing women charged 23 cents less at the time of the warehouse waiters (6.77 euros) because the company management understood that they were doing a physically stronger job. The wage discrimination is about 40 euros per month. The… Continue reading »

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The head of the fiscal area of ​​CEOE, Bernardo Soto, recalls that the high tax pressure that Spanish companies support is a problem that comes from far and that has even been more severe in previous years. The October 2019 calendar Template report confirms, once again, that it is false “that recurrent discourse that governments of… Continue reading »

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From Blackstone have also referred to the “legal uncertainty” that prevails in the rental market, which will have been subject to three different laws in the last three months if the decree finally goes ahead. “Any new regulation on the rental market requires a rigorous sector analysis and debate among all market operators, an objective… Continue reading »

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Yesterday, the Minister of Public Works, José Luis Ábalos, acknowledged that the decree “does not satisfy all claims, but is an advance between all the figures that star in the lease.” The rent decree, which comes into force today, has generated Little criticism among real estate funds, developers and other market agents. There are even… Continue reading »

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The measures included in the standard “will not be able to limit prices,” Zurita explained to this newspaper, something that can only be achieved by “attacking the problem from the root” and stimulating the supply of real estate in the rental market, for which “regulatory stability and legal certainty” are needed. The rental market is… Continue reading »

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The Executive empowers the communities so that they can define the surcharge on the Real Estate Tax (IBI) that the town councils approve on the owners of vacant homes. This fiscal “punishment” was already included in the law, but in theory it would be the Government that drafted an empty housing definition to articulate the… Continue reading »