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May (Latin mensis Maius – “the month of the goddess Maya”) is the fifth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars, the third month of the Old Roman year, which began before Caesar’s reform in May 2018 Calendar. One of seven months, 31 days in length. In the Northern hemisphere of the Earth is the last, the third month of spring, in the Southern hemisphere – the last, third month of autumn. In the modern era, until May 13, according to the Gregorian calendar, the sun is in the constellation of Aries, from May 13 – in the constellation of Taurus (according to other sources – May 14 ). The word May 2018 Calendar Printable, in honor of the goddess Mai, came to us from Byzantium. In the old Russian [en] life, May was considered the third flying month. When the year began to count from September, it became the ninth. Since 1700, it falls on the fifth month (ordinal).

Free 5+ May 2018 Calendar

May Calendar 2018

The average air temperature in May goes over +10 ºС. Can in some years reach +25 ºC. But it is possible and the return of cold weather, usually for a short time. Most often colds occur during the flowering of bird cherry (from May 4). They say: “When the bird cherry blossoms, cold always live.” The cold in May is called “wild cherry”.  Birds wake up at different times: a nightingale at 2 o’clock in the morning; forest lark-yula – the same way; quail, field lark in 2-3 hours; redstart, cuckoo, Oriole, large tit – at 3 o’clock; wren, finch, oatmeal, chiffchaff-tsenkovka, rooks – at 4 o’clock; starling, zelenushka, wagtail, sparrow – at 6 o’clock.

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May 2018 Printable Calendar

There is also a very cold May, even with snow. Have noticed, that May with steady colds happens for seven years of time. But “May cold is a year of corn”. About the weather in May people say: “May heat is unreliable”. “May give me a horse.” “May frost will not squeeze tears.” “May came – under the shrub bush paradise”. In the people, May is considered unhappy. This is a month unsuccessful for weddings. “In May, marry – the century is to suffer.” “I would be glad to marry, but May do not order.” “You wanted good in May.” “Who will be born in May will miss the whole century.”

May 2018 Printable Calendar Free Blank May Calendar Holidays USA UK Canada 2018 May Printable Calendar

May 2018 Calendar

In May, the trees grow green and blossom everywhere. Grow snowdrops, crocuses, buttercups, dandelions and other spring flowers. In the gardens, daffodils, tulips, daisies, etc. are blooming. Peonies, lilies, irises are raised. After 30-32 days after the blooming of the mother-and-stepmother (April), rosehip, linden, gooseberries, currants bloom, apple trees are green. Blossomed birch – a week later cherry and purple lilac will blossom.

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In May, foxes and wolves have broods. In belchiha – an offspring. At the end of May there is an offspring of horses – foals, goats – goats, pigs – pigs. At this time shear sheep. In May, milk is the most healing. The best honey is May. In May, medical bee pollen is collected. There is a collection of birch sap. From sorrel and young nettles they cook vitamin soup.

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2018 May Calendar Template

In May, the arrival of birds continues. In the forests singing birds. Nightingale time. Nightingale singing means a full flowering of spring. The nightingale sings “tek-teke, tek-teke.” “A nightingale sings, when the dew from a birch leaf can get drunk”. The nightingale sang – spring came to a waning, and summer to profit. ” Begin to creak speed-dergachi.

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There are interesting data on the sowing of spring bread in the central part of Russia, built on long-term observations (data on the old style): early sowing begins 10 weeks before the day of St. Ilia, the Prophet. May 10, the day of the apostle Simon Zealot; Average – 9 weeks before the same day, i.e. around May 21, on the day of Constantine and Helena; and later – for 8 or 7 weeks before the day of St. Ilya, ie about 25 May, on the day of John the Baptist, or in early June.

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May 2018 Calendar with Holidays

In the astrological calendar on the signs of the Zodiac: born in May, 1-20 May – Taurus, May 21-31 – Gemini; May sign – Taurus. According to the “sacred” trees, the calendar shows that those born from 1 to 14 May have a jasmine mascot, from May 15 to May 24 – chestnut, from 25 to 31 May – ash. Talisman of May – hyacinth, stone – emerald.

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On the last Sunday of the month, Chemist’s Day is celebrated. ” Russian house. A universal set of calendars (1994-2000). – Nizhny Novgorod, 1994, p.67-68. Dampness, rains in May – with cold or warmth, which is almost indifferent, brings blessing to the fields, make the best sign, promise a good harvest, but can be harmful to fruits, especially for grapes. “The rain raises bread in May.” In May, the light part of the day is significantly expanded. According to observations of psychologists, it is established that the sleep in May-June is the shortest in man.

May 2018 Calendar with Holidays Blank May 2018 Calendar Holidays Free May Calendar with Holidays USA UK Canada

“May grass and feed hungry. Spring rain is not superfluous. May cold is a year of corn. How many rains in May 2018 Calendar with Holidays, so many years to be harvested. The first spring rain moistens the head so that the hair grows as quickly as the May grass. The average air temperature in May goes over +10 ºС. Can in some years reach +25 ºC. But it is possible and the return of cold weather, usually for a short time. Most often colds occur during the flowering of bird cherry (from May 4). They say: “When the bird cherry blossoms, cold always live.” Holo. Ready to eat asparagus. According to the Bianchi Forest Calendar, the second month of spring continues until May 20, until April 21 – “The month of the return of migratory birds to their homeland”. And from May 21 (and until June 20) the third month of spring begins – “A Month of Songs and Dances”.

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