Lunar Calendar 2018

By   April 10, 2018

From “Bachelorette” 2017 to “Let’s Dance” 2018: Jessica Paszka jumps from one RTL show to the next. From the 9th of Lunar Calendar 2018 she will swing the dance floor with 13 other celebrity candidates. But as she reveals in “Good morning Germany”, dancing is not completely foreign to her. Full moon at 1.51 am in the VIRGIN (cold and rooty day, quality: salt): Usually a virgin day is a good barber day? but not necessarily at full moon; Plants should not be cut or repotted when the moon is full; protect the intestine with light, low-salt food and eat a lot of dark green leafy vegetables; for digestive problems and stubborn constipation, eat a slice of pineapple before each meal; Absinthe is an effective bitter against flatulence and bloating. TIP: Bittern in teas are ideal after rich or rich food; But force yourself better this evening for a dinnercancelling! Otherwise everything is the same as yesterday.

Lunar Calendar 2018

“I’ve danced before, but in a different direction, Hip Hop and Freestyle,” says Paszka. In addition, the music is her passion – so the cards for the “Bachelorette” do not seem to be too bad? But: “I really have no idea about couple dance and I’ve never done it before, and I’ve always been glad when no one asked me to dance at weddings or any other events.” With the help of a personal trainer, Jessica Paszka is definitely preparing physically for the challenge, she tells in an interview. On the 9th of March “Let’s Dance” starts the new season in 2018 – then it’s decided who the “Bachelorette” 2017 will be dancing with.


2018 Lunar Calendar

The zodiac signs also play a big role in the zodiac calendar. Anyone who has fine hair and wants a flowing mane, should go on days to the barber shop, when the moon is in the earth or fire signs Virgo, Capricorn and Leo. Rather a bad idea for a hairdresser’s appointment are days when the lunar calendar displays signs of the zodiac of the water. For example, the hair on cancer days tends to look scruffy. On days of the zodiac sign fish it is said that the hair can start to dandruff.

2018 lunar calendar 2018 lunar calendar 2018 lunar calendar

Moon Calendar 2018

Air signs like the Aquarius on the other hand guarantee a good day for re-cutting the tips of long hair. The hair grows so fast. The lunar calendar online is updated daily and helps you determine the optimal time for your visit to the hairdresser. Now it’s official: On Monday morning RTL has confirmed the rumors that Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and Charlotte Würdig should take the last places on “Let’s Dance”. Fans of the dance show will be able to see which celebrity dances with which professional and how they get to know each other on Friday, March 9th at 8.15 pm on “Let’s Dance – Who’s dancing with whom? The great introductory show” on RTL.

moon calendar 2018 moon calendar 2018 moon calendar 2018

Chinese Lunar Calendar 2018

Not only the fans, but also the candidates are looking forward to “Let’s Dance” 2018. Of course, the celebrities are looking forward to the challenges that await them. For example, RTL quotes Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht: “Music is a super important part of my life, I make music since I can think, perform, produce – that’s where I’m looking forward to this challenge of learning to dance to music.” And Charlotte Würdig also wants to prove herself: “I’m already looking forward to seeing my mum finally be able to do a lot more on the floor than to clear away toy cars.”

chinese lunar calendar 2018 chinese lunar calendar 2018 chinese lunar calendar 2018

Lunar Calendar

Moon phases are interesting for many people. With the lunar calendar 2018, you can see when the full moon or new moon is in the sky in each of the months. At full moon, the moon and sun face each other on the opposite sides of the earth. At new moon the moon stands between earth and sun. On average, a lunar phase lasts 29 days, twelve hours and 43 minutes. It is easy to see that the concept of time and the name “month” are based on it.

lunar calendar lunar calendar lunar calendar

In reality, the duration of a lunar phase can be different. Among other things, NASA has calculated just when full moon or new moon can be seen in the sky. The dates can be found here in our lunar calendar. With the Lunar Calendar 2018, you can plan the exact day when the best time for the new hairstyle has come, whether you should abstain from coloring or when the skin is in bloom. If you want hair that grows fast, it is advisable to take a slice as the moon grows. This effect is enhanced if you place the appointment directly after the new moon or just before the day of the full moon.

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