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By   June 24, 2019

Save and print the Printable Protractor for free from this article. This measuring instrument is used to measure the angles. Also if you want make the shapes using angles then Protractor is a boon for you. It is used widely by the mathematicians, architects and other professionals where angle measuring is must. There are many kind of protractor available in the market. Wooden, metallic and plastic are the different materials in which the protractor is made. Wooden and Plastic Protractor can easily break after falling down. Also they require care to place the protractor in your bag. IN many cases the scratches makes it difficult to read the angles marked on the instrument. Metallic protractor is best in all but it is very costly to purchase. This is the reason that plastic protractor are used on very high scale. Now you do not need to purchase anything as we are providing the protractor for free and print. All you need is a working printer that can print high quality images for you.


Printable Protractor

There are two kind of protractor- on is 180 degrees and other is 360 degrees. 180 degree protractor is used in schools. You can get this protractor at our site. You can measure angles up to 180 degree using this instrument. If you want to measure the angle of 40 degree then first draw a straight horizontal line of 5 cm on paper with the help of scale.

Printable Protractor Printable Protractor Printable Protractor

Protractor Printable

Give the name ‘a’ and ‘b’ to the left and right end of line respectively. Now place the protractor on point ‘a’ of the line. Make sure the midpoint of the protractor meet the point a. mid point is given on the below line of the protractor. Once you have placed it correctly, check the 40 degrees point on the protractor.

protractor printable protractor printable protractor printable

Printable Protractor PDF

Now make a mark (dot) on the paper exactly in direction of 40 degrees and name it point c. Now remove the protractor and draw a line from point ‘a’ to c. In this way you have made the angle 40 degree on the sheet.

printable protractor pdf printable protractor pdf printable protractor pdf

Printable Protractor 180 Degrees

If you want to test that the angle is correct or not, then place the protractor on point a. If the point c is on exactly 40 degrees then your measurement is correct. In this way, you will also learn how to measure angle.

printable protractor 180 degrees printable protractor 180 degrees printable protractor 180 degrees

Printable Protractor 360

The authenticity of protractor is our assurance. We always share the accurate printable with our visitors. You can observe the image shared by us. We are sure that you will not get any error of misprint or incorrect markings.

protractor printable 360 protractor printable 360 protractor printable 360

Printable Protractor 180 degree free Download

Printable Protractor 180 degree free


If you want to test the protractor then print the picture with the original size and check it by placing it with original one. Some people does a mistake that they place the original protractor on screen to test the accuracy. But it is not the right way to do the test. Screen resolution affects the display size of the pictures. But the original Printable Protractor size is different from that of display. So it is better to take a print and then take a test.

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