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By   June 26, 2019

In a company, business, or organization, you may want to display the information in a shorter document that always contains all relevant information. This is the time when a datasheet or Fact Sheet Template can be very useful. Information sheets, which can also be referred to as profile sheets, wall charts, white papers or information sheets, are brief and concise statements of the relevant information. As soon as you use a format that briefly describes the most important points in your presentation, you can easily create a datasheet template in Microsoft Word. You can create a business spreadsheet template with a title, bullet or even summary table on one page. The fact sheet usually contains product information, technical data, statistics, textbooks, answers to frequently asked questions and helpful tips. Sometimes they can be a brief summary of a more comprehensive document or report.


Fact Sheet Template

A Fact Sheet is a very important tool that can be used as a quick reference in public relations as it usually gives an overview of your business or organization. These short documents can be used on their own, but are more commonly used as supporting documents for websites or press releases to replace company brochures or as attachments to news kits.

Fact Sheet Template Fact Sheet Template Fact Sheet Template

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Fact Sheet Maker Free

Often, this type of document has an extension of one to two pages and contains “who, what, when, why, and how” for the company or organization. This article discusses fact sheets, the reasons for using them, how to create your own information, and any other relevant information that may be of help to you.

Fact Sheet Maker Free Fact Sheet Maker Free Fact Sheet Maker Free

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Product Fact Sheet Template Example

A datasheet, or datasheet is an instruction manual for electronic components. The idea is that by looking in a datasheet you can know exactly how a device works. Unfortunately the datasheets are usually written by engineers and engineers, so at first they are difficult to read, but with a little practice you can get much benefit from these texts, which are the best place to find details to design or repair a circuit.

Product Fact Sheet Template Example Product Fact Sheet Template Example Product Fact Sheet Template Example

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Sample Fact Sheet Format

What is written in a datasheet depends on the type of component, there are just one page for connectors and simple things up to hundreds or thousands of pages for microcontrollers, processors or components with many features and details. In this tutorial we hope to cover the most common ones using the LM7805 voltage regulator datasheet as an example, so you can get to know how to get very useful information quickly.

Sample Fact Sheet Format Sample Fact Sheet Format Sample Fact Sheet Format

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Personal Fact Sheet Example Public Relations

Another thing that can discourage some when seeing a datasheet for the first time is that they are in English, but often the language is not so terrible because it is something technical in which words are repeated and many times one looks for values ​​of certain parameters of names known. It also sometimes happens that there is an entire family of similar components that share the same datasheet, in fact this is the case of our example where the datasheet is for the whole LM78xx family.

Personal Fact Sheet Example Public Relations Personal Fact Sheet Example Public Relations Personal Fact Sheet Example Public Relations

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Blank Fact Sheet Template

When opening a datasheet we will usually find a summary page like the one under this text, it gives a general idea of ​​what the component does and its characteristics. You can get a first idea of ​​the component and even know if it is not suitable for the use you want to give it. Among the features shown on this page can be the different types of encapsulation in which we can find the component, sometimes together with a text indicating the function that each pin fulfills, or also some block diagram of the operation.

Blank Fact Sheet Template Download Blank Fact Sheet Template Download Blank Fact Sheet Template Download

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Fact Sheet Template Microsoft Word

Very important are the margins of operation of the component, it is a table where sometimes other quantities are also indicated, it is important to know these parameters or have an idea of ​​the range in which our equipment can work, but we could burn it! You always have to look at the range of operating voltages and never exceed it, this is not to connect to a voltage too high, but you also have to set the maximum voltage inverse (negative) that supports the component, is a very easy way to damage an LED diode for example.

fact sheet template microsoft word fact sheet template microsoft word fact sheet template microsoft word


Printable Sample Fact Sheet Template Free Download

Printable Sample Fact Sheet Template Free

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In the regulator that we are seeing, we observe that the input voltage can go from 5V to 18V. If it is connected to more than 18V the component can burn, while if it is connected to a voltage too close to 5V, it will not work properly. You can also include some Fact Sheet Template recommended operating conditions that are good to look at, sometimes we will find characteristics for which three values ​​are given: the minimum MIN, the nominal NOM and the maximum MAX, three values ​​are given because one component is never equal to another, then you can not just give a value for some characteristics, that’s why these three values ​​are included, where the nominal value corresponds to the design of the device.

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