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In this month, the average retirement pension has been 1,131.86 euros, which is an increase of 5.04% compared to February 2018, while that of widowhood has stood at 708.26 euros, after rising a 8.6% over the previous year. As for the average pension of the system, which includes those of retirement, permanent disability, widowhood, orphanhood… Continue reading »

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The company is currently making progress in the development and construction of 10,113 new MW, of which 65.3% -6,606 MW- corresponds to renewable projects. In addition, in 2023 it will keep 5,300 million euros in progress in the renewable and generation businesses, mainly in the offshore wind farms of Saint Brieuc (France), Vineyard Wind (United… Continue reading »

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Economists have denounced the tangle of tributes and regulations that exist in communities with cases close to the absurd. The communities have 81 taxes of their own, the same as last year, with Catalonia as the region with the most taxes, with 18 liens and 610 million of income. In spite of everything, the 2.196… Continue reading »

September 2019 Calendar PDF Editable

September 2019 Calendar PDF Editable

In this career of sales, Madrid, which has almost completely eliminated the tax in cases of direct heirs, has introduced a bonus of 15% for siblings of the deceased, as well as another 10% to uncles and nephews. The reduction reaches 100% in the case of cash donations up to 250,000 euros, for heirs of… Continue reading »