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Economists have denounced the tangle of tributes and regulations that exist in communities with cases close to the absurd. The communities have 81 taxes of their own, the same as last year, with Catalonia as the region with the most taxes, with 18 liens and 610 million of income. In spite of everything, the 2.196… Continue reading »

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These are some of the conclusions of the Impact Study of Food Vouchers and Cards presented by Hospitality of Spain, the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (September 2019 calendar To Print), and the Spanish Association of Food Vouchers and Other Services (Aeevcos). The report prepared by the consultant Roland Berger analyzes the impact that would… Continue reading »

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Aragonés has indicated that both companies will jointly establish a five-year strategic plan to “optimize the benefits” of collaborating in their respective areas of influence and take advantage of the complementarity of their businesses. NH has highlighted the good performance of comparable revenues in 2018 in the vast majority of markets where it operates, with… Continue reading »