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Printable Letter Y

In addition, workers with disabilities who are active, depending on the degree of disability can deduct from 3,500 to 7,750 euros. The houses and empty premises generate what is called «imputation of real estate income», an income that is calculated in a percentage of the property’s Printable Letter Y value. In this aspect you have to… Continue reading »

Printable Letter X

In view of the 2018-2019 Income campaign that begins this Tuesday, April 2, the Technicians of the Ministry of Finance (Gestha) have developed a decalogue with the most important developments this year and those issues that we should pay attention to. special. In this sense, Printable Letter X recommends to take into account the regulations of… Continue reading »

Printable Letter W

World trade is no stranger to the tensions generated by Donald Trump. Since the beginning of the commercial war in early 2018, merchandise exchanges suffered from maintaining the vigor of the previous year. And, now, the definitive data of the whole exercise confirm the collapse of growth. The World Trade Organization (WTO) has reported that… Continue reading »

Printable Letter V

Something similar will happen with the new Printable Letter V deduction for spouse with a dependent disability, which adds 1,200 euros per year – one hundred per month – provided that it does not have incomes of more than 8,000 euros through model 122. In this regard, this year will be distributed 180 million for… Continue reading »

Printable Letter U

Another of the Bank of Spain’s main concerns is the level of profitability of Spanish banks, which currently stands at 5.4% and does not cover the cost of capital. In this sense, the supervisor urges the entities to review their business models, set an adequate price policy that allows them to cover costs and risks,… Continue reading »

Printable Letter T

“Only two years ago, 75% of the world economy experienced a rebound. This year, we expect that 70% of the world economy will experience a slowdown “, remarked the Managing Director of the Fund, a week before the institution published its new global forecasts in the framework of its joint spring meeting with the World… Continue reading »

Printable Letter S

In 2018, the real estate company undertook 27 land acquisition operations with an investment of more than 121 million that covered 170,000 m2 and a buildable area of ​​300,000 m2. With these operations, the company has achieved a bank of land exceeding one million square meters, which will allow it to develop 10,000 new homes… Continue reading »

Printable Letter R

Today, Spain continues to lead the way in absenteeism rates. Adecco’s data suggest that this imbalance is higher in those countries where coverage by illness is more generous. This is the case of Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Australia, Canada and the United States, which correspond to the countries with the highest historical level of… Continue reading »

Printable Letter Q

The autonomous Social Security scheme (RETA) closes the first quarter of the year with a decrease of 585 self-employed, which contrasts with the growth of 25,722 registered in the first quarter of last year. “Without a doubt, we are facing a slowdown in the affiliation of self-employed workers,” said the president of the largest autonomous… Continue reading »

Printable Letter P

Construction was the sector that created the most employment in year-on-year terms, which gives an idea of ​​the growth that once again had a sector that was key before and after the crisis due to the boom and crash it suffered. It created 81,211 jobs, 10% more. In second place was the public sector, where… Continue reading »