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EU countries, particularly Germany, are critical of Turkey and May 2019 calendar Template after the 2016 crackdown. In the massive security cleanser after a failed 2016 crackdown, more than 100,000 people are imprisoned, and dozens of media closed. Erdogan is angry because, as he sees, the lack of support from the West. “Now in 2018… Continue reading »

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The State Attorney’s Office in Sibenik filed an indictment against a 52-year-old commander of the Tijat shipyard owned by May 2019 calendar Printable, charging him to commit a criminal offense of endangering special types of traffic in Sibenik aquatorium at the end of January in Jadrija, causing damage to at least HRK 1.9 million The… Continue reading »

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The aforementioned decision came after the finding that the case file of the Zagreb State Attorney’s Office in 2011 against an unknown perpetrator lost, possible when moved to other premises and is currently unavailable. We emphasize that the Municipal State Attorney at the Zagreb State Attorney’s Office for the purpose of updating the case file… Continue reading »

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“I wanted to be accountable to the public, and I can not tell you whether any of the informal statements in the informal documents are referred to by anyone whose name is based on which informal statements have begun to proceed and they did not repeat them before the judge.When the reconstruction of the case… Continue reading »

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it is indispensable to offer bushes and wines from the wineries from the Erdut area Exhibitors can sign up on the form on the Erdut Tourist Board website Some would say that the beloved Belomanastirska street in Požega Street is one of the most prominent in the city, but it seems to be that there… Continue reading »

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while a part of the co-owners is suffering from these relatively new issues in the housing sector, a large number of those who is still struggling with the flooring “A large part of residential property in the area of ​​Osijek is still unregistered in the land register and still there are still a number of… Continue reading »

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Now, as part of the investment in eastern Slavonia, as emphasized by the Government project, but also by insisting May 2019 Calendar Word himself, HŽ decided to invest part of the funds in the modernization of the railway infrastructure in this part of Croatia. Since the railway station in Osijek has been registered in the… Continue reading »

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Once a month Small entrepreneurs at the workshops will maintain their activities for all school students, within which they will also submit their proposals for improvement of educational work – explains Director Jukić. And that is precisely what it is – to make school as beautiful and enjoyable place. It is especially happy to see… Continue reading »

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The new assessor made new estimates only in March 2018 – said HDZ town councilor May 2019 Calendar Excel, adding: “And then, since the estimates were in great disparity, because the first assessor estimated the city land at 16.5 million kuna and the other one to 7.7 million kuna, the Mayor decided to request the… Continue reading »