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For all lovers of Petra Graš’s hits, a good linest is to be heard live on Friday, while Saturday is reserved for “old lion” Željka Samardžić and Amadeus band. On Sunday, this year’s Rujanfest will close Vigor and Mate Bulić. A beautiful little wine town featuring our top winemakers. When you take a glass glass,… Continue reading »

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As for the city and myself, the decision was made because the national stadium needed the city of Zagreb. But to be even more modest, let anyone know who can offer these conditions in Zagreb and we will stumble. I’m not pretending that this national stadium at all cost in Zagreb. But if anyone has… Continue reading »

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According to Croatian environmental laws we care well, but in practice it is not good, there are problems in access and performance is most often not the case. Croatia has to make a major step forward in protecting the environment and natural resources of natural resources and waste disposal, said Klaric. May 2019 calendar Editable… Continue reading »

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She said that team the problem was affected by Croatian coastal areas, mostly because of poor waste management at our neighbors in the southern Adriatic and reminded of the garbage that regularly affects Pelješac, Hvar and other parts of our coast. She said that is why we have to hurriedly address the growing problem of… Continue reading »

May 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay

From energy renewal to communal and other projects, the state’s investments in May 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay grow by an additional tens of millions of HRK. No Croatian government has done so much to solve that problem before, “says Vrdoljak. There are many challenges ahead of us since introducing better education for our children to active… Continue reading »

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Unfortunately, the establishment of these oncological centers in Croatia was not coordinated nor was the epidemiological demand analysis before. One of the reasons for this is the lack of a central institution with a clear task of coordinating and implementing key requirements for an effective cancer control program, “he continued, pointing out the need to… Continue reading »

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The minister points out that the introduction of the obligation to issue May 2019 Calendar Telugu in public procurement will accelerate public procurement processes, reduce spending the bounds of public administration and business entities and increase transparency.Of cancer up to 65 years of age dies more people than from cardiovascular diseases and injuries together, it… Continue reading »

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Existing criteria allow almost everyone to come to the aid, and due to insufficient funds, the result is low amounts of compensation, explains Finance Minister Zdravko Marić the reasons for the new legal solutions. In addition, he states that from 2013 till 2017 total reported damages of HRK 12.2 billion, of which 60 per cent… Continue reading »

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There was a record that was sent yesterday to the Municipal State Attorney, “Turudić said, adding that the name of Blank May 2019 calendar was not mentioned, but the case was directed against an unknown perpetrator.” You need to know the role of the investigating judge under the Criminal Procedure Act was valid. The investigating… Continue reading »

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Asked what would happen if Supreme the court does not decide on the appeals until the date when the trial is scheduled to begin, lawyers said the hearings would not be in this case. Hernadi’s lawyer May 2019 calendar Cute added that Hernadi must in his own language be familiar with the evidence in order… Continue reading »