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The state as owner donates to Benkovac City the former HV Home for Reconstruction and Use for the “Culture House of Benkovac”, worth 5.5 million kuna. At the signing of the contract, Mayor Bulić thanked Minister Marić and his associates and the Government for the granting of real estate and commended the cooperation with the… Continue reading »

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This is the first drop in the number of employees at the monthly level since February, and is related to the seasonality of the Croatian labor market, since on the eve and during the summer tourist season employment on the monthly level is growing, and after that season it is falling. Statistical data show that… Continue reading »

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The proposed law links all legal standards for the protection of “whistleblowers”, since Croatia has not yet had a complete law that would uniquely regulate the issue of their protection. General provisions, principles, “whistleblowers” rights and their judicial protection, the procedure for filing irregularities and acting upon the application of this misdemeanor provision are prescribed…. Continue reading »

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We pay the service, and we do our job as clowners – said Ravlic. The Ministry of Agriculture points out that the presence of March 2019 Calendar Singapore has been established by the Veterinary Clinic Valpovo, and the veterinary inspection has ordered that the bodies of infected animals and by-products be harmlessly removed, which was… Continue reading »

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At that time, I did not know that it was a matter of food and intake of harmful substances – says Fabric. He adds, the people do not have the money to buy dry goods, use the maize corn, and so there are problems. SDS experts say that this problem is exposed to the whole… Continue reading »

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And that corn is green, it needs to stay out of two to three weeks first to blend, so that the grain will calm down, stabilize, because it is a living organism. Especially if there is moisture, and this is a specific year that has had a long rain, so a long dry season –… Continue reading »

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To highlight the great importance of language learning, contribute to the promotion of language and cultural diversity in Europe and to encourage lifelong learning of languages, pupils and their teachers at the Einstein Kumičić Elementary School and this year marked the European Day of Languages. They do this every September 26, but this year they… Continue reading »

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An e-mail link is also available on the website, so if a citizen wishes to do this via communication with the City Administration regarding any item subject to the green cadastre, information can be emailed directly and forwarded.- According to our information, in Croatia for now there are four green cadastre, of which we have… Continue reading »

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This is an investment of about one million kunas, of which 100,000 were provided by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds, and the remaining amount of the Municipality of Babina Greda. The students are delightful and point out that they have never had such a great space for sports activities yet and that… Continue reading »

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I’ve always known that I will inherit a father who runs his retirement days playing violin, tamburitza and harmony. My two sisters play piano and organ and work as a school professor. I learned from my father, but after graduating in Zagreb and acquiring a master’s degree, I gained experience during long years of work…. Continue reading »