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Both Polanco and Monzón have expressed their satisfaction for the trajectory followed and for the work done throughout this year in Prisa and in their businesses, as well as for the future plans that the management team has designed and is implementing under the leadership of the first executive of Prisa and CEO, Manuel Mirat.Correos… Continue reading »

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According to the head of the IOC, Spain will produce in this campaign 50% of all olive oil obtained in the world, which is a “sample of leadership” and that is also moving to markets, since Spain is the main US supplier (the main importer of olive oil in the world, which imported 322,000 tons… Continue reading »

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Of the jobs for replacement, 1,869 correspond to the offer of 2017, still pending resolution, and another 1,612 to that of 2018. Otherwise, the 2019 and 2020 Budgets must include 3,145 more employees. On the other hand, Renta 4 June 2019 Calendar PDF agreed that the markets are discounting an increase of 0.25% and that “the last… Continue reading »