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The most evident manifestation of Bolsonaro’s change will be manifested in Mercosur. If with the exit of the Kirchner government in Argentina in 2015 and the PT in Brazil in 2016 there was hope that finally Mercosur would put aside the ideological priorities and evolve towards greater economic and institutional integration of the four countries… Continue reading »

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Another sector that promises to be affected in the year that is about to start is that of advertising. In the opinion of investment bank GP June 2019 Calendar South Africa, specialized in the technology sector, “next year technological disruptions will be able to eliminate existing monopolies in industries such as advertising, distribution of applications… Continue reading »

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All this under the climate of transferring its European asset manager to Dublin and the movement of workers from the United Kingdom to the EU. From the entity reviewed in their report of perspectives of 2019 that “the impact of June 2019 calendar Cute out of the country will be limited”. On the real effects in… Continue reading »

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Public telephones are part of the universal service which guarantees that all citizens have access to telecommunications services regardless of their geographical location, with a certain quality and an affordable price. This implies bringing the telecommunications network to any point in the June 2019 calendar Template country, including unprofitable areas, having telephone booths, telephone directories and… Continue reading »

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Navarre is, with nine, the province with more service stations where they sell diesel below the euro. They are followed by Madrid, with four, and June 2019 calendar Printable with three. It should be remembered that these fuels reached their annual highs on October 15: 1,357 euros for petrol and 1,285 euros for a liter of… Continue reading »

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In monthly terms, the CPI fell by 0.4% in December. On the other hand, the monthly variation of the leading index of the HICP stood at -0.5% in December. The June 2019 Calendar Australia will publish the final IPC data for November next December 14th. New events around Dia. The supermarket chain has reported in a… Continue reading »

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On the other hand, the AVE and Long Distance trains, with which June 2019 Calendar Canada must start competing with other operators as of that date, are considered commercial services and do not have any public subsidy, so the company has the freedom to determine the price of tickets. After the generalized drop of 11% that… Continue reading »

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Of those 728 municipalities in which the IBI will be increased to pay for the owners by increasing the cadastral value of the properties as a result of this revision, and not necessarily the type of the IBI, which depends on each consistory, those who reviewed for the last time the cadastre before 2004 will… Continue reading »

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The reasons why prices have skyrocketed are several. On the one hand, hydroelectric generation has not been high, although wind has been maintained, and some nuclear has been stopped. Since these are the cheapest energies, they have not been able to push prices down. On the contrary, natural gas power plants, whose electricity production is… Continue reading »

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This fall in the value of assets, despite everything, does not find its rationale in that customers risk less money in Spanish funds, but in June 2019 calendar With Holidays they have depreciated over the months due to the collapse of the markets. In the annual accumulation, net subscriptions of 9,214 million have been registered. Even… Continue reading »