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Acciona will invest 500 million to disembark in the railway business with a partner. Acciona is ready to disembark in the high-speed railway business in Spain in the next three years, in which it will invest 500 million euros along with a partner, according to what has been advanced today by the group’s president, José… Continue reading »

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The Government yesterday approved the royal decree-law of urgent measures to guarantee equality between women and men in employment, which includes the obligation for companies with more than 50 workers to publish their salary tables differentiated by sex, as ABC advanced. Said salary tables may be accessed through union or personal representation, as explained by… Continue reading »

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There is also greater protection for female officials who are victims of gender violence. The lack of assistance of these public employees will be considered justified by time, if determined by the health services. Likewise, these public employees will have the right to a reduction in working hours with a corresponding reduction in compensation. The… Continue reading »

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This fiscal “punishment” was already included in the law, but in theory it would be the Government that drafted an empty housing definition to articulate the measure. The surcharge on the IBI for empty houses has existed since 2002 and some consistories have applied it for years, such as Barcelona or Seville. On the other… Continue reading »

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An intense productivity in the normative that will lengthen the legislature through the Permanent Deputation, that will have to validate these norms that, until then, will come into force and will prevent the groups from introducing changes and amendments requesting their processing as a bill. Only the decree of labor equality that applies from this… Continue reading »

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Given the current difficult economic situation, financial institutions are being awarded many homes for defaults on the mortgage of the previous owners. The bank, with the award acquires the condition of co-owner and assumes the same rights and obligations as any other owner. That is, the bank becomes our new neighbor. And it has been… Continue reading »

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The communities of proprietors must approve each year the budget to face the common expenses that originates the maintenance of the community of neighbors. The main source of income for any community is the community members ‘own contributions, which each year must enter an amount previously agreed upon and approved by the Ordinary Owners’ Meeting… Continue reading »

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In any case, in what both Veiga (“iAhorro”) and Font agree, it is in granting maximum importance to the new Mortgage Law approved last week by the Congress of Deputies. For the director of Studies of, the new norm has generated “an important activity of mortgage offers on the part of the different bank… Continue reading »

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Far is the -0.191% that marked a year ago and that represented the floor of the known index. Since then it has increased by 0.083 points during these twelve months. This is the highest growth since 2014. According to Lucía Veiga, spokesperson of the personal finance product comparator “iAhorro”, the famous index that in the… Continue reading »