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Despite this, the socimi has described as “excellent” the year 2018. Colonial had at 31 December with a portfolio valued at 11,348 million euros, representing 22% more. The merger with Axiare, which was definitively closed a few months ago, has been decisive in achieving this figure of assets. Without counting its impact, the revaluation of… Continue reading »

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Anyway, these are plausible figures, since the Treasury estimated a collection of 5.2 billion euros higher than these 150,516 million until November 2019. Precisely this measure comes two months after the 2018 Income Campaign started. As the Treasury approved a provision last month to authorize the August 2019 calendar Cute funds, with a credit of… Continue reading »

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“In this way, Madrid and Barcelona would be compared to the major European airports that already have a high-speed connection, such as Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Copenhagen or Germany,” explains the organization. The truth is that the Government is currently studying the feasibility of carrying out this plan, even with the participation of private companies…. Continue reading »

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For all these reasons, it defends a greater opening of the market. “The service in the twelve liberalized control towers has been supplied in accordance with the operational quality and safety needs required by the airlines, at a competitive cost and with a beneficial market dynamics,” he concludes. The alienation of these towers occurred in… Continue reading »

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One of the solutions to unblock the situation would be for Fridman to contribute a 100 million participatory loan that would prevent the dissolution of Dia. Financial sources explain that should this occur, the Dia board would have no problems delaying the shareholders’ meeting. Even so, the sources say that Fridman does not contemplate paying… Continue reading »

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These measures are already taking effect and the Colonial real estate decided at the end of last year to repatriate from Ireland its 3,000 million in emissions, becoming the first company to send a nod to CNMV and BME. In addition, some banks are already issuing their convertible bonds (“cocos”) in Spain. Managers of the… Continue reading »