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By   July 24, 2019

“Current account surpluses sustained over an extended period of time will be needed to bring net external commitments to prudent levels,” the Commission noted. Brussels also added that the reduction of debt in the private sector has also progressed, thanks to “strong nominal growth”, while the rate of non-performing loans, those that accumulate more than 90 days of default August 2019 Calendar PDF or are considered irrecoverable, It has also fallen. It also ensures that although unemployment has continued to decline, it remains high, and pays special attention to the temporary nature of labor contracts. The Executive of the European Union has pointed out that although the proportion of temporary workers, on average, has not grown substantially in recent years, some member states are experiencing rates that are “persistently” above 15%. “In countries such as Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Portugal, Italy and Croatia around 60% of temporary workers are young. More than half of the employees with a temporary contract can not find a permanent position, “said Brussels.

A life in the field, fundamentally. Yesterday, in fact, Jesús Vicente Vidal defined himself as “a country man without any studies,” according to Efe. “I have no heirs and I wanted to help all the children of the town, those who are now and those who are born,” he said. Later, on the phone, the old man said he was happy. «I have been satisfied, very happy with what I have done, and the plate has been beautiful».


August 2019 Calendar PDF

The report also pointed out that the percentage of people with part-time contracts who would like to work full days “still exceeds 50% in some member states” and acknowledges that in Spain the capacity of labor inspectors to combat “was reinforced in 2018” the abuse of temporary contracts and undeclared work ». Beyond noting that Spain is experiencing economic imbalances, the European Commission ruled that the implementation of policies to increase potential growth has been “slow” and stressed that “challenges” persist in research and innovation and in business regulation, especially , in the services.

Asia is facing an epidemic of African swine fever that is forcing millions of pigs to be slaughtered and will increase the prices of this meat all over the world. Originated in August in China, where officially one million pigs have been killed but could be many more, this disease has spread to other countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia and North Korea. In addition, it has jumped to Russia and, from there, it has spread to Ukraine, Romania and Moldova, where cases have been detected this year.

2019 August Calendar PDF Free Download

2019 August Calendar PDF Free

August 2019 Calendar PDF Editable

August 2019 Calendar PDF Editable

August 2019 Calendar PDF Printable Template Free

August 2019 Calendar PDF Printable Template Free

August Calendar PDF 2019 Blank Template

August Calendar PDF 2019 Blank Template

August Calendar PDF 2019 File Download

August Calendar PDF 2019 File

August Calendar PDF Template with Holidays

August Calendar PDF Template with Holidays


August 2019 Calendar printable Template with Holidays

A large part of the intervention of Isla before the 404 shareholders present at the meeting focused on explaining Inditex’s commitment to sustainability for the coming years. The company that owns Zara, Massimo Dutti or Stradivarius wants to be a “leader” in the transformation necessary to converge towards the circular economy. Among other measures, next year all the chains of the group will eliminate the plastic bags following the example of what already happens in Zara. By 2023, single-use plastics will have been completely eliminated for customers. Two years later, the objective is that all the cotton, linen and polyester used in the production of the garments be organic, more sustainable or recycled.

Free August 2019 Calendar PDF Template

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PDF August Calendar Printable 2019 Free

The meeting was held in an exercise in which the group founded by Amancio Ortega broke its sales records around the world (exceeding for the first time the 26,000 million), but with the lowest growth in its history, just 3%. For this reason, Isla wanted to put the figure in perspective and remember that “only five years ago”, sales reached 16,724 million. It has been, he said, “an integrated and sustained increase in the company”. Online sales, which now account for 12% of the total, have increased by 27% in the last year. The pronouncement of the Supreme Court limits, to a large extent, the preferential situation of the tax administration before the request of exoneration of the individuals subject to a bankruptcy proceeding.

The president of Inditex insisted on the importance of the “headquarters effect” for the Spanish public coffers. “The group represents 2% of the total collection of corporate tax in Spain,” he said. The figure, 2 billion in the last five years.

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Calendar August Template 2019 PDF Download

Calendar August Template 2019 PDF


Free August 2019 Calendar PDF File Free

“At City Hall they told me about the possibility that the donation was to help with the expenses of the new nursery, and it seemed good”, explains Jesús Vicente, who is not only in the name of the new Early Childhood center, but also it has a plaque on it, there is a text in which the history of the marriage is briefly explained. “They are two sons of the municipality of Piornal, two piornalegos who in their childhood went through the hardships of the end of the Civil War and a subsistence economy typical of our municipality,” explains the plaque. “They both got married on May 2, 1957 – that is, 62 years and three days ago – and they started a life together, an austere life and hard work.”

August PDF Calendar 2019 Download Free

August PDF Calendar 2019 Free

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That is why many workers choose the minimum quota: they do not want to be forced to pay higher fixed payments in the face of an uncertain future. Influences also some bad beliefs extended among this group: many interpret quotas as an expense and not as an investment in the future pension. “The self-employed lacks information to make decisions about their social protection,” says Celia Ferrero. “They are not aware that, for example, a rise of one hundred euros in the contribution base produces almost twice the pension increase.”

The most affected country is China, which produces half of the pork that is consumed throughout the world. Although the Beijing regime only recognizes one million animals slaughtered so far, the epidemic has spread throughout the provinces and experts estimate that this year could die up to 200 million, more than half of his cabin. He also stressed that the digitalization of companies and digital public services need more investment in countries like Spain. This report does not evaluate the budgets of the member states, but in an interview with Efe and other media the vice president of the EC for the Euro, August 2019 Calendar PDF, recalled that the analysis of Brussels for the accounts of the Socialist Government, rejected in the Congress of Deputies, concluded that they were at risk of violating EU rules.

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