Free 5+ August 2018 Calendar

By   May 23, 2018

Free calendar for the month of August 2018 Calendar. Two versions. Empty calendar for coloring and calendar with holidays, red Sundays, blue Saturdays. Calendars with numbers of the week. They can be used as monthly planners. August theme: planet Saturn. August: from the Latin Augustus, renown of the Octavian emperor. It is the eighth month of the year with 31 days. Holiday time par excellence in which cities slow down and the beaches are full of multicolored umbrellas, laughter, games, sangria and fresh colorful clothing. The summer is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the immense offer of festive and cultural events that offer both the coast and the interior, which is the best occasion to reconnect with family and friends.

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August 2018 Calendar Printable Template

The hot August invites us to rest and enjoy life. The high temperatures of some areas advise us to use the traditional and beautiful fan and, after going for tapas or a succulent paella, what better to rest with a good nap than during the hours when the heat tightens the most. Because in August 2018 Calendar even the lizards look for shade.

August 2018 Calendar Printable Template August 2018 Calendar Printable Template August 2018 Calendar Printable Template

August 2018 Printable Calendar

Interpretation of nature: Traditionally in rural areas of southern Spain, the man of the field uses as a system of weather prediction, “the cabañuelas”. Observing the atmospheric variations of the first 12, 18 or 24 days of August, these serve to forecast the time that will do each of the twelve months of the following year.

August 2018 Printable Calendar August 2018 Printable Calendar August 2018 Printable Calendar

August Calendar

The sunrise or sunset is calculated with reference to the city of Rome. The times in the calendar of August 2018 after the lawfully differ, per se, according to whether you live in Eastern Italy or in Occidentele Italy. The difference is up to two minutes maximum. By selecting here its a location, if can also view the times of sunrise and sunset in August 2018 in nearby locations.

August Calendar August Calendar August Calendar

August 2018 Calendar

This calendar template are suitable in Word, Excel and PDF, so you can use Calendar August 2018 in Microsoft Word Format (.doc), Microsoft Excel Format (.xls), PDF, PNG format and print it directly from your browser. We offer you the download links. We will present to you at your desk, the downloaded and stored values, so that you can easily search for it. Workers’ Day also popularly known as May Day is falling and, unlike last year that fell on Monday this year 2018 presents a novelty in the 2018 Labor Calendar that delights many Spaniards.

August 2018 Calendar August 2018 Calendar August 2018 Calendar

2018 August Calendar

This Day of the Worker falls on Tuesday and this implies that there is a possibility of a bridge. In this sense, there will be someone who can take April 30 as a day off, thus achieving a longer bridge. However, for those who can not afford it, there will be no bridge, but an isolated holiday. Therefore, it will be a holiday throughout the country because it is Labor Day, as you can see in the pages of work schedules that Ideal puts at your disposal. In addition, some lucky ones will be able to enjoy a four-day bridge. This is the case of the people of Madrid, who will have an additional holiday, since on Wednesday, May 2, the day of the Community of Madrid is celebrated.

2018 August Calendar 2018 August Calendar 2018 August Calendar

August Calendar 2018

The authorities detailed that there will be one digit per day, from Monday to Friday and not counting the holidays, as long as the air conditions remain normal. If there is an episode of alert or environmental preemergence, the order is maintained. However, only in second periods of environmental emergency will a second digit be added, corresponding to the sequential number contemplated for the next day of the regular calendar. In the event that the alert occurs on a holiday, the two digits after the last day on which there was a restriction will be taken into account.

August Calendar 2018 August Calendar 2018 August Calendar 2018

2018 August Calendar Template

It must be remembered that there are ten in the 2018 work calendar “non-substitutable: January 1 (Monday), March 30 (Good Friday), May 1 (Tuesday), August 15 (Wednesday), October 12 (Friday) , November 1 (Thursday), December 6 (Thursday), December 8 (Saturday) and December 25 (Tuesday). Therefore, it will be on May 1, Tuesday, when it will be the next one of the state charity.

2018 August Calendar Template 2018 August Calendar Template 2018 August Calendar Template

August Calendar 2018 Printable

You can download and print for free the blank calendar of August 2018 format or image, PDF and Excel. You will also find other 2018 calendar themes for the month of August.

August Calendar 2018 Printable

At the August 2018 Calendar time, the autonomous communities can substitute another three days: on March 19 (San José), as some did; on March 29 (Holy Thursday) and July 25 (Santiago Apostle). Thus, things will depend on what each Community has adopted.

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