Advent Calendar 2018

By   April 22, 2018

Download the beautiful Advent calendar for free. We have a collection of colored, black and blank Advent Calendar for the year 2018. You can print these templates or can save it in your device. These templates are perfect for starting your countdown of Christmas. Advent is the season which starts from the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. This is the time assigned for preparation of Christmas celebrations. People visit churches during this season and also churches place the wreath at door. There are many activities performed during this season and people enjoy this period of time. They decorate their homes and gift the advent calendars to their friends and family members. This is a common ritual performed by the people having faith in catholic.

Advent Calendar 2018


The advent calendars usually have door to open each calendar day and some are designed with the candy attached to each door. People open the doors until the day before Christmas arrive. This also symbolizes the excitement of people. Christmas is loved by almost everyone and you can resist yourself from calculating the days left for the event. But we can’t forget about Advent from when the celebration for Christmas begins. If you are thinking about going for shopping during Advent then you will be glad to know that the season will start from December 2. Also if you want to keep the fast then you can do that during the Advert.

Advent Calendar 2018 Catholic


There are various kinds of Advert calendars. You can select the beauty, makeup, treat, spiritual and other advert calendars for your dear ones. If you want a calendar for your children or for yourself then you must select the calendar with some spiritual thoughts or some good tasks. The countdown for the Christmas is really a long period during Advent but the calendars make it valuable. You can add some tasks to the each day of the calendar and tell your children to perform those tasks. Also the same could be done with spiritual thoughts calendar. In this way, your child will learn some good habits.

Advent Calendar 2018 Beauty


Printable are one of the best way to countdown for Christmas. We know that it is quite costly for many people for purchasing the gift boxes and other products. So the printed calendars are very useful for you during advent season. We offer various kinds of advent calendars which you can place at your home. It will be interesting to start your day with a message or thought. The days of the advent season are also mentioned in this calendar. So start making the celebrations amazing by beginning the countdown of the Christmas with the help of advent calendar. This year make your celebration memorable for others.

Printable Advent Calendar 2018


A Blank calendar is very useful if you want to add some details or notes in the template. Advent is 3 weeks long celebration and preparation of Christmas. So you can prepare your planner out of this template. You can mark the date of fasting, going to shopping and other activities in the calendar. This will be beneficial for you to keep this template everywhere with you. A systematic life is good for all so if you are leading a life without proper organization of things then you must start it from the season of advent.

Printable Advent Calendar 2018 Free Download

Printable advent calendar 2018 Free Download Printable advent calendar 2018 Free Download Printable advent calendar 2018 Free Download

These calendars are not easily found on internet as the designs are unique. But we make sure that Advent Calendar our users must get everything. So we have provided these calendars and hope that you have liked this collection. Please do not forget to share this page with others.

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