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With all this the Santander to want to take the lead not only to other financial entities, but also to the new digital competitors outside the banaca that are entering these business niches. The focus of the markets was in any case on the group’s capital policy. Analysts have long been pressing Santander to raise… Continue reading »

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This would allow the first Spanish bank to improve its efficiency ratio of 47% with which it closed in 2018 to a range of between 42% and 45%. Of those 1,200 million in savings, 1,000 will come from Europe, and much of them from the Popular integration, which this year will involve an ERE that… Continue reading »

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Francisco González has admitted that during those famous dinners on May 5 and 6, 2012 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy in Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid he personally indicated that Rato’s plan to attract 7,000 million euros was not credible for Bankia. “I told him that the problem was not solved,”… Continue reading »

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BBVA, according to its testimony, decided not to invest in the ops, as they had been asked, after verifying that there were no purchase orders from large international investors. «Then we were implacable. We could not enter into an operation that was not in the books of international investors “, he detailed, showing the distrust… Continue reading »

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The Basque group has in its hands to tilt the result in one way or another as the Permanent Deputation has 65 members of which the PSOE and its investiture partners total 33, compared to 32 of the PP and its allies. In those 33 votes of the block of lefts the seat of the Printable… Continue reading »

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The kerosene again mark a maximum consumption, although with the lowest growth of the last 4 years. The pulse stays until the end. The necessary support of the Printable Letter J for the Government to validate the decrees approved in its “social Fridays” is only guaranteed for the norms that correspond to the Ministry of Labor… Continue reading »

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The agreement, which has been signed by the CEO of Globalia, Javier Hidalgo, and Amiran Applebaum, director of the Technological Innovation Authority, under the Ministry of Economy and Industrial of Israel sets the methodology that Globalia and the Innovation Authority will lead to to promote and support the development of I + D + I… Continue reading »

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In this regard, he pointed out that the negotiation table at which the company and the unions will meet – when numbers will begin to be discussed – will start next Tuesday, April 9. From CC.OO. they have informed that the first proposal of Supersol collects more than 400 dismissals and on the part of… Continue reading »

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Francisco González (BBVA) admits that the Government and the Bank of Spain put pressure on Bankia’s IPO. Francisco González explained for the first time in detail the decision of BBVA not to invest in the IPO of Bankia in July 2011, against the decision of the rest of national banks, including Printable Letter G, and… Continue reading »

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Having a good resume is key to accessing a job. However, work experience may contain “bad outcomes”, difficult to explain in an interview. According to Michele Mavi, director of recruitment of the agency «Atrium», «you must be prepared to talk about it. If an interviewer notices evasion when answering certain questions, a climate of distrust… Continue reading »