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The arrival of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to the presidency of Mexico has puzzled the market. During his first hundred days of government, AMLO has made an effort to approach the business leaders of the country and promised not to make profound changes to the productive system; but in that short period it has… Continue reading »

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It limits very much the possibility of operating in the face of a new crisis. The debt is high and the possibility of the Government of implementing expansionary policies when needed is greatly diminished. Labor reforms had a positive impact; they reduced unemployment a lot. But they did not solve the problem of Nursing Resume Template… Continue reading »

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The electoral campaign already stalks the Spanish political climate. The parties move cards with radically different projects. Its acronyms, its economic model. However, for Alvise Lennkh, deputy director of Public Finance of the European rating agency Scope Ratings – the alternative to the Anglo-Saxon hegemony of Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch – the recipe… Continue reading »

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«In the comparison Annual Report, highlights the growth of Pro Forma Template, Toledo, Granada and La Coruña, which present variations in annual rental yields of 12.3%, 8.5%, 7.7% and 5.3% respectively, compared to the previous year », Explains the Appraisal Society. While the rent slows down, the sale remains on the rise, which is hindering… Continue reading »

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It is the thermometer of the situation that is ‘cooking’ in this sense, through formulas that increasingly pass through specialized and collective advice. An unequivocal symptom that it is not isolated cases. The Spanish embassy in Lisbon informed ABC that, as of March 21, 2019, it has registered as residents 1,932 people over 65 and… Continue reading »

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This platform only puts the user in contact with the restaurant, and it is the establishment that sends its delivery drivers to deliver the order – although it is true that around 10% of the restaurants do not have delivery, in which case Just Eat it puts in contact with expert companies to which a… Continue reading »

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Portugal has become a claim to attract retirees from other countries with a certain purchasing power, who are seduced by the tax advantages in force and, on This is due to the flexibility of the NHR program, that is, non-habitual residents (according to its acronym in English). In those cases, the tax exemption or the… Continue reading »

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The Single Resolution Board (JUR) debuted with Popular the private bailout mechanism designed in the wake of the crisis to prevent the bailouts from being paid by taxpayers. The investors of the bank, although they had been watching for months how their securities lost value, did not understand that from overnight they were worth zero…. Continue reading »

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But the company is not only a pioneer in research, but also applies inclusive policies on diversity and gender equality. “More than half of the non-productive workforce are women, many of them in positions of responsibility, and there is no wage gap,” says Arroyo. Aware of its privileged role in the textile sector, Grupo Morón’s… Continue reading »

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Politics always interferes with good wishes. It is not only in Spain, political uncertainty is one of the current fundamental narratives in the world. We hope that after the elections there will be a period of stability and certainty. I hope there is a solid mandate and after the elections the Government will go to… Continue reading »