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Gold remains the best protection mechanism for inflationary contexts, but in deflationary contexts it can play a petrifying role. Businessmen like John A. Allison IV, considered by Trump for the position of Secretary of the Treasury, defend the abolition of the US Federal Reserve and return to the gold standard. In its New Year greeting,… Continue reading »

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In spite of everything, the 1% that rebounded the salaries triples the 0.3% of 2017, but it is behind the advance of 1.7% of the CPI. Salaries have been the most neglected component of the economic recovery, since normally, both in periods of crisis and bonanza slow to collect cycle changes, a symptom of the… Continue reading »

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For this reason it is striking that although since 2015 there have been three different governments in the Generalitat led by Artur Mas, Carles Puigdemont and now Quim Torra, in coalition with November 2019 Calendar PDF and with specific support from the CUP, none have lowered the IRPF to the low rents In the last… Continue reading »