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XTB also analyzes the result of the selective one in previous legislatures, emphasizing that Felipe González was the “most profitable” president, with an annualized average in the Ibex with dividends of 12.68% during his term. After him are Aznar (+ 12.31%), Rajoy (+ 7.15%) and Zapatero (+ 4.98%). Meanwhile, Sanchez is established as “the worst… Continue reading »

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The poor performance of the Workout Template manufacturing sector is due to the deterioration in demand, since orders received in March registered the largest drop since the end of 2012, while orders for exports experienced the largest decline since August 2012. In this way, as a consequence of the deterioration of production and new orders,… Continue reading »

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Taxpayers can already request an appointment to be called by the Tax Agency. The 2018 Income and Patrimony Campaign will begin this Tuesday, April 2, for presentation by Internet and by telephone, and will continue until July 1, according to the taxpayer’s calendar prepared by the Tax Agency. Specifically, tomorrow starts the campaign for the… Continue reading »

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It is worth remembering that public benefits for maternity and paternity are exempt from paying personal income tax based on the judgment of the Supreme Court of October 3, 2018. Taxpayers who have had retentions for maternity and paternity benefits of 2018 should not perform any procedure particular. Your declar2018 Income Tax, which may be… Continue reading »

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Therefore, it is essential that you investigate reliable sources and make the deductions with great care. You do not want to leave anything out and lose money returns that you have the right to receive, or worse, deduct something that does not correspond and then come notifications with surprises. Each of the concepts mentioned above,… Continue reading »

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Event Program Template

The displacements in public transport and stays in hotels can be de-taxed, but only in certain types of activity. The VAT can be deducted from the expenses of the private vehicle, although car insurance, gasoline, parking, tolls and maintenance can only be deducted at 50%. If the car is used to work exclusively, you can… Continue reading »

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The German industry considers that the EU urgently needs a common industrial strategy and, at the same time, strongly opposes the distortion of the market carried out by companies supported by the Chinese State, a presence that breaks in its opinion with the basic laws From the market. “And Europe also has to do its… Continue reading »

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It is not the only study presented in Hanover that speaks in this regard. A survey published by the Electrical Engineering Association (Classroom Newsletter Template) asserts, for example, that German companies are clearly perceived behind the US. and China in the application of artificial intelligence, which means quickly losing the top positions of the technology… Continue reading »

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On the other hand, corporate Sublease Agreement Template is guaranteed in the cases of succession or substitution of companies with administrative concession of hotel services in public spaces, such as airports and railway stations, either as a single administrative concession, or in the cases of segregation in several administrative concessions. Likewise, it is agreed that… Continue reading »

For its part, Arantxa Tapia stressed that the inauguration of this rapid recharging point is an “important” step in the process of Roommate Agreement Template and promotion of electric mobility that is being carried out by the Basque Government, “aware that it is An orderly and realistic transition is necessary “. “We can not move from… Continue reading »